The Gourmet Choice. As one of the Boston area’s first gourmet coffee companies, Espresso Express introduced our Kahvé coffees in 1983. With our exceptional Kahvé brand, we soon established ourselves as the clear leader in the fine art of sourcing quality coffee beans and roasting specialty coffees. We set a new standard of excellence in the coffee service industry.

Where Good Tastes Blend. It was a time when it was virtually impossible to find a memorable cup of coffee in the region. Even the most superb restaurants could not boast of having the "perfect cup of coffee" that would justify ending a gourmet meal. Espresso Express changed all that when they began working with local chefs, restaurateurs, cafes and hotels. Soon blends were designed, roasts were perfected and the landscape dramatically changed as Espresso Express and Kahvé became the number one choice for all distinguished dining establishments.

Grounds for Success. We had all the ingredients for success: access to perfect coffee beans from the world’s best plantations, a master roaster and an obsession with quality. We combined all our resources and the result was outstanding. It’s no wonder that we are still the first choice of many world renowned celebrity chefs, the gourmet coffee of many Zagat rated restaurants and cafes and was voted “the Best of Boston”.

Minding Our Business. As a natural growth to our business, we created our own line of high quality loose leaf teas to compliment and embellish the "perfect cup of coffee". And, as an addition to our own gourmet coffee beans and teas, we also offer a wide variety of Harney & Sons fine loose, sachet and premium box teas, as well as gourmet cocoa and professional grade beverage accessories and equipment.

Global Marketing. We are particularly proud that the reach and reputation of our company has extended much farther than our home town of Boston. Today, our gourmet coffee and tea is recognized throughout the world enabling our perfect cup of coffee or tea to be enjoyed in fine establishments both locally and abroad. We have truly become a global business, winning the world over, cup by cup.

Back to the Future. It is through the magic of the internet that we now see the opportunity for our stellar reputation to expand directly into your business. Proudly, we offer you our signature Kahvé gourmet coffees and teas; our equipment, our service and our experience which we love to share.  Explore our website, learn more about our amazing coffee beans and how we can work with you.  We are available to you online 24 hours a day to answer your questions and to help you.