Our Coffees

The Dark Roasts

Once beyond the middle roast, beans make a dramatic transformation. The surface of the bean glistens with an even coat of oils. The color darkens to a burnt umber (French Roast), eventually a true black (Italian Roast). Carmelization and carbonization create a flavor that is unmistakably “dark.” It is a myth, however, that a dark-roasted coffee is stronger than light-roasted. It is the amount of the coffee used in brewing that affects the coffee’s potency. The flavor of a dark roast is not subtle and is often an acquired taste.

barcelona blend
Most blends are created primarily from a light roast, with some dark roast added for body. Barcelona Blend takes the opposite approach. The delicious foundation is a rich French Roast, which is then brightened by a splash of light roast.

cordoba blend
A complex blend of our richest, darkest roasts.

french roast
Decadent and delicious, distinctly dark. Our French Roast blend is comprised of dark-roastedBani Especiales,beanswhich foster velvety chocolate undertones and a rich caramel edge. This full-bodied cup is intense and deliberate.

italian roast
Only a master roaster can achieve this darkest of roasts. The beans are roasted beyond the usual stages causing them to develop a unique, smoky flavour. Roasting them a second longer would burn the coffee. The Italian Roast’s strength is a delicate acquisition. The result is a distinctive cup of syrupy texture, hints of spice, and a licorice finish.