Our Teas

Green Tea

Bancha – Mild and toasty on the palate.

Organic Bancha – Made in the Japanese fashion of steam-fixing. Light and clean tasting.

Chun Mee – A traditional green tea from China. This Chun Mee has a very pleasant taste.

Genmaicha – Japanese Bancha with popped rice kernels, yields a pleasant roasted aroma and cup.

Gunpowder Green – Rolled leaden-colored leaf balls unfurl for a slightly smoky cup.

Gyokuro – Uji’s most famous tea. Japanese aristocrats have sipped this shade-grown tea for centuries.

Jane’s Garden – In memory of Jane and her battle with breast cancer. Bancha and rosebuds.

Lung Ching – Pan-fired Chinese green with undertones of chestnut.

Moroccan Mint – Chinese Gunpowder Green with brisk peppermint.

Organic Green with Mint – Full leaf organic Chinese green tea with a hint of mint.

Pan Asia – Bancha with chrysanthmum flowers. Toasty and light.

Sencha – From Japan, herbaceous and grassy in both aroma and taste.

Organic Sencha – Clean and grassy. Great everyday green.

Decaf Green Tea

Deca einated Sencha – Clean grassy notes, without the caffeine.

Flavored Green Tea

Cherry Blossom – Green tea blended with plump cherry flavor.

Chinese Flower – Flawlessly blended of hand plucked Chinese green tea, three types of flowers, and citrus flavors.

Citron Green – Bancha, with gentle notes of citrus and aromatic orange flowers.

Organic Green with Citrus & Ginkgo – South Indian tea with ginkgo and crisp citrus.

Tokyo – Bancha with sesame and caramel.

Tropical Green – South Indian green tea with juicy pineapple.

Bangkok – Green tea infused with coconut, ginger, and lemongrass.

Green Hot Cinnamon – Chinese green teas with three types of cinnamon.

Lemony Gunpowder – Traditional Gunpowder with a hint of lemon added to brighten the flavor.

Flavored Green & Black Tea

Caribe – A blend of black and green teas with strawberry, guava, and a hint of coconut.