Our Coffees

The Light Roast

This roast is known by several names. It is often referred to as the “brown” roast, primarily due to the light brown color that results. It is also know as the American or City roast. In general, a light roast preserves the delicate acidity of a bean. Brightness and flavorful high notes are also characteristic.

cortina blend
An exciting combination of the familiar and the exotic, this exquisite cup features beans from premier estates in East Africa, South America and Central America. The result is a rich harmony of bright flavors, fruity and spicy. Perfect as a morning brew or to compliment a fine meal.

classic blend
Our interpretation of the classic morning brew, this light roast was preferred over the leading competition in an independent, nationwide taste-test. We blend a well-balanced and nutty Colombian with Indonesian beans for added body and heaviness. A rare East African finishes the cup with a snap of spice.

granada blend
A lively blend of Central American coffees, roasted to highlight the essence of each region. A dynamic cup.