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After searching north and south, east and west, we feel the following selections reflect the very best of each featured country. As you will see, each country and region produces its own unique bean and flavor characteristic. Venture out of the ordinary and experience an entirely new world of coffee.

Celebes Kalossi
From the distant isle of Sulawesi comes one of our most sophisticated coffees. This brew is rich and complex, bringing together the best qualities of Central American, Indo-Pacific and African beans. We roast our selection a bit further for a smooth, full body.

Colombian Supremo
Colombia has given the world a coffee with truly universal appeal. Our beans, highest grades Supremos from the Amenia district, help to preserve an image of earnest, burro-paced reliability for smooth, mild flavored coffee. Nutty and balanced, this lively cup is sure to please.

Costa Rican SHB
There are four principle growing regions in Costa Rica’s mountainous central valley. Among them, the Tarrazu district, with it unique climate and rich, volcanic soil, has always been our favorite. The Strictly Hard Beans (SHB), the highest grade available, create a mild and sweet cup, with good body and wonderful berry high notes.

Ethiopian Djimmah
Although most African coffees can be describes as “wild” in taste, this bean is one of the few that is truly wild grown. As a result, the cup has an enjoyable “unrefined” quality. Winy, spicy, with subtle floral notes and light body, Djimmah makes an interesting addition to any coffee routine.

Ethiopian Yrgacheffe
A bit daring, as its name might suggest, this East African bean is a real treat for those who discover it. From a region as old as coffee itself, this is a distinct cup, medium-to-full bodied, with a nuance of spice and a candid lemony edge.

Guatemalan Genuine Antigua SHB
We select only the finest crop from each region we feature. In this case, we rely upon Antigua to give us a wonderfully blue SHB (Strictly Hard Bean). Roasted with great care, this brew is refined and complex. Admired for its subtle smokiness and fruit sharpness, this coffee delivers a soft, mild flavor from start to finish.

Kenyan AA
Kenya produces what many consider to be the world finest coffees. Our beans are AA grade, the highest caliber possible. The brewed cup is reminiscent of a fine wine, full bodied with enticing berry aromas and a distinct lemony tartness.

Mexican Organic
This organic Mexican coffee possesses a wonderful aroma, moderate body and a smooth, yet complex flavor. A hint of chocolate is a hallmark of great Mexican beans, and the light roast preserves a wonderful acidity.

Mexican Organic Viennese
This organic Mexican coffee possesses a wonderful aroma, moderate body and a smooth, yet complex flavor. In a Viennese roast, this bean develops its full potential for a truly chocolate richness. Especially delicious on ice or with dessert.

Mocha Java
History unites in this unique pairing of East African and Indonesian beans. Created from an unparallel past, these beans are likened to the ancient ports of Mocha and Java, key centers of commerce during the early days of coffee trade. From one port comes a bright, wild and winey flavor. From the other, a smooth, round, full body. The result? The old made new.

New Guinea
Like other Indonesian coffees, this bean is noted for its full body and lasting finish. The cup is comfortably rich, with deep-toned, gentle acidity and a complex nose. Hints of nuttiness and floral overtones help to make for a wonderful dessert coffee.

Santo Domingan Bani
Sometimes referred to as the “Celebes Jr.,” this coffee combines the liveliness of the Central American, with the heavy body of the South Seas (Indonesian) resulting in a well-balanced, smooth cup.

Sumatran Mandheling
Soft texture, heavy body, with earthy flavor.

Sumatran Mandheling Viennese
This Sumatran is roasted Viennese (medium dark) resulting in a coffee that accentuates the full-bodied, earthy, soft qualities, with almost syrupy richness and chocolate overtones.

Tanzanian Peaberry
This East African is often likened to its neighbor, Kenya. Medium-to-full bodied, this exotic coffee displays a floral, berry-like character and a distinct acidity. Our selection is composed entirely of peaberries: small, round-ish beans prized by connoisseurs for their pleasant sweetness.