Our Coffees

The Full City Roast

The full city roast was an important part of the specialty coffee movement in the United States. Made famous by pioneers such as Schapira’s Coffee & Tea of New York, this roast is a bit darker than the City roast. There is little or no oil emerging from the surface of the beans. However, the color is a notable darker shade of brown.

geneva blend
Inspired by the finest urban dining, this coffee is one of our most intricate blends. Six beans gather from around the globe to create a cup that is round and complex, full of flavorful high notes. The addition of our Viennese Roast completes the experience with satisfying fullness.

full city roast
This coffee is roasted a bit further than the average light roast. The Central American and Caribbean beans in this blend are roasted together, an unusual trick in specialty roasting. One develops body and the other flavorful acidity, merging miraculously into a smooth, bold and delicious cup.

danish blend
Start with a flavorful light roast, add a bit of dark roast for body, and you have a traditional Danish blend. Our version maintains the traditional style consisting of a dynamic combination of four beans, including 25% French Roast. The Danish Blend is spirited and substantial, with plenty of snap.

bani blend
The coffees of the Caribbean are savored for their pleasant chocolaty sweetness and Bani Blend is no exception. It features our premiere Bani Especiales beans roasted in two different styles, each offering unique characteristics to the blend. Chocolaty and heavy-bodied, this blend is a true cup-o-joe, Caribbean style.

verona blend
Renowned for its melt-in-your-mouth smoothness, this blend combines light and middle roasts into a single experience. It is both rich and well balanced.