Our Coffees

The Middle Roast

The middle roast, most commonly called Viennese, is a style falling roughly half-way between Full City and French. As the beans roast, oils extracted from within coat the surface. In the case of Viennese beans, these oils are clearly visible, but the coating is still uneven. By now, the distinctively “dark” flavor of the roasting process begins to overcome the more delicate flavors of the beans themselves. Carmelization lends added body and a pleasant, bittersweet quality.

viennese roast
Between the light American roast and the darker French roast stands our Viennese: the perfect balance of acidity and body. Our blend featuresBani Especiales bolstered by Indonesian beans to create a heavy-bodied, yet lively cup, with a bittersweet chocolate flavor.

caribbean blend
When the medium-bodied, sweet Caribbean beans are blended with heavy-bodied, syrupy Indonesians, the result is a deep velvety, cabernet cup of coffee. The three components of this unique blend are all dark and rich, creating a complexity that startles any dark-roast connoisseur.