Our Teas

Herbal Tea

Caffeinated Herbal Tea

Yerba Mate – Although it is herbal, it does contain caffeine. It has a grassy, vegetal flavor.

Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea

African Autumn – South African rooibos (red tea) melds with cranberry & orange rind.

Chamomile – Egyptian flowerheads. Earthy, with hints of green apple.

Ginger & Liquorice – This is a new herbal blend that is simple, spicy and slightly sweet.

Herbal Hot Cinnamon – Another new version of our most popular tea, this version is caffeine free.

Lemon Herbal – Soothing lemongrass with lemon rind and lemon flavor.

Mint Verbena – Calming lemon verbena accented with crisp Oregon peppermint leaves.

Mother’s Bouquet – Chamomile with citrus and orange peel, in an array of rose petals, marigold and cornflower.

Organic Passion Plum – Hibiscus based, with ginseng & the essence of spiced plums.

Peppermint – From Oregon, a whispering, lively brew, with a fresh finish.

Raspberry – Hibiscus based, with rosehips, raspberry leaves & a smidgen of peppermint.

Rooibos – From the South African red bush, also called ‘red tea.’ Earthy with slight sweetness.

Spiced Plum – The essence of spiced plums, married with hibiscus & rosehips.

Thai Rooibos – A spicy blend of ca eine-free herbs and spices, including Rooibos and cinnamon, ginger, coconut and lemongrass.

Tilleul – Flowers from the linden tree; woodsy & light.

Verveine – Beautiful green leaves yield a full bodied brew with a big lemony aroma.

Yellow & Blue – Egyptian chamomile with lavender and cornflower. Highly floral aroma.